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        Dalian Xinzhong Group Co., Ltd. ADI Products Introduction

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        I. ADI Description
          Austempered Ductile Iron (“ADI” for short) is a new engineering structure material. It is produced by isothermal hardening of ductile iron casting or adding alloying element to the ductile iron casting, thereby making spheroidal graphite cast iron matrix become acicular ferrite and carbon-enriched austenite from ferrite and pearlite.
         The new material has excellent mechanical property. The products from QTD800-10 to QTD1600-1 are featured by light weight, good abrasive resistance, shake absorption, and high flexural fatigue and fatigue strength, etc. Its comprehensive property is superior to common spheroidal graphite cast iron and forged steel. The development and application of new materials are taken for the second revolution of cast iron metallurgy, thereby entering “the era of new iron”.
          The industrial application of ADI is divided into ADI common wear-resistant parts, ADI machinery load structure, and important component with high performance and high precision.   
        A great deal of ADI is applied to transportation industry in foreign countries. The application of ADI in the parts of the light-duty, middle-duty and heavy-duty transport vehicles accounts for 51%. The domestic industrialization of ADI products lag behind foreign countries, and most ADI products are low-end ones—common wear-resistant parts and ADI machinery load structure. With the gradual perfection of spheroidal graphite cast iron, relevant equipment for heating processing, and quality inspection instrument and methods, the stable quality of spheroidal graphite cast iron is guaranteed. It is ready for China to develop ADI industry now.

        II. ADI Product Development
           In 2010, our company was awarded “Leading Enterprise in Foundry Industry” by China Foundry Association. In 2007, our Technology Center was identified as Enterprise Technology Center in Dalian. Our company has one patent of invention and two patents for utility model.
          In 2008, our company began the operation of high-end ADI products. Deputy Director of ADI Technical Committee Wang Huailin is the chief engineer of our company. Meanwhile, famous experts in ADI industry including Zeng Yicheng, Liu Guanghua and Gong Jimin give guidance to our company. By virtue of many years of rich experience in production of spheroidal graphite cast iron products, our company is engaged in development of many high-end ADI products. Especially the development of over 10 products such as front axle, knuckle and control arm for domestic famous automobile factories as well as the manufacture of important parts of ADI chassis system of lorry with piece weight of 10-300kg have made breakthrough, thereby substituting iron for steel, and substituting casting for forging. More than 20% of weight is reduced compared with forged parts, and the comprehensive mechanical property is promoted greatly. The number of rack fatigue tests of ADI front axle of the 60-ton dumper reaches 397,000, which is much higher than the 180,000 rack fatigue tests of forge welding parts and reaches the assessment criteria of 160,000. The product has been in smooth operation for one and a half years. Through search, our company takes the lead in producing parts by using ADI materials, and the technology reaches the world’s advanced level.

        ADI Front Axle 

        ADIKnuckle 1

        ADIKnuckle 2

        Seven Kinds of ADIControl Arms

        III. ADI Product Performance
          The high performance of ADI products lies in high quality spheroidal graphite cast iron blank. The ADI products produced by our company are featured by maximum cast performance of QT850-6, spheroidization of 85-95%, and more than 100 graphite nodules. Its performance can meet the technical requirement from 900-8 to 1400-1 through isothermal hardening. The casting with compact structure and zero-defect is produced owing to optimized process design such as computer processing simulation.
          The products mainly include lorry front axle, knuckle, control arm, and mechanical components for mine haulage.
          Currently our company owns the materials of ADI products: DCQT 900-8, DCQT 1050-6, DCQT 1200-3, and DCQT1400-1. Our company sincerely provides customers with excellent products and service. Welcome to visit for business negotiation.

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